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Alina Oseyeva

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A prominent Kharkiv-based artist. A member of the Simvol Free Artists' Creative Association of the City of Kharkiv. Silk painting (watercolors, tempera, acryl).

Alina was born in the town of Feodosiya, Crimea, on 21 March 1964. Graduated from the I.K.Aivazovsky Art School in 1980, and from the Kharkiv Institute of Art and Industry, Art Design Department in 1986.

Her first personal exhibition was arranged when still at the Feodosiya Art School. She repeatedly participated in collective exhibitions, including those at the I.K.Aivazovsky Art Gallery and A.Grin Museum.

The artist has had a long road searching for her own creative style. Silk painting, however, has become her main fascination. A refined technique of Chinese masters requiring a combination of ease and extraordinary patience has fascinated the artist. Uniqueness of the ancient technique is that it does not allow the artist to stop in development, but rather inspires to continuously move forward to the peak of excellence.

Alina Oseyeva brings her enormous love of the living nature into her creative work by harmoniously combining her mastery of painting, materials, and themes. The technique of her works requires a filigree control of the paintbrush and does not allow for any corrections. Alina Oseyeva's creative method initiates a new direction in silk painting.

Her works are hugely popular both in Ukraine and internationally (Germany, USA, Russia, and other countries). Exhibitions at the Kharkiv Art Museum were held in 2000 and 2003.

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