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Olga Igolkina

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The known artist, works in oily painting technique, regularly participates in exhibitions. She names the creation as a romantic advance-guard. In addition, she works in the field of book design. Olga's pictures there are in the private collections of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Germany, Holland.

Born in Kharkov.

In 1994finished the Kharkov art school.
In 1999graduated from the Kharkov state institute of industrial arts.
2002Kharkov Municipal gallery, exhibition "Subjective Alphabet", as part of the project "Shivorot na Vi";
2001Project "Filter" as part of biennale 4-th Block (Kharkov Municipal gallery);
2000Exibithion "Aciton`s children", gallery "Naprotiv", Kharkov;
1998Exibithion "Chut`-chut`", with gallery Kolenhoff (Germany), gallery "Naprotiv", Kharkov;
1998Exibithion "Batic", Kharkov state institute of industrial arts.

e-mail: o_igolkina@mail.ru

phone: +380 572 680-046
mob.phone: +380 66 283-23-53

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