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Art-Modern - Virtual trade exhibition of works of the modern art of various styles and directions: pictures, ceramics, gobelins, batic, batik, stained glass works, sculptures, leather goods, repoussage

Olena Sohatzkaya-Gorbel. Virtual art gallery
Olena was born in Kharkiv, on October 30, in 1976. She finished the Kharkov State Art School, then she graduated from the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts. A member of the Youth Union of Artists of Ukraine since, 2004. Sohatzkaya-Gorbel is a member of the regional and all-ukrainian exhibitions. Her works are sold to France, Russia, Germany and the USA.

Gallery of modern painting and art. Pictures, artists
Sale. Pictures, painting, graphic arts, pictures, a sculpture. The modern art: Painting and a sculpture. Artists: classics and contemporaries

The International Art Project ARTRUSSIAN.COM.
ARTRUSSIAN.COM. - + -⠫. ਭ , -Art shop: sale of paintings. Direct contact with artists. Sale of paintings, graphic works, sculptures and other works of art through the Internet. Art shop and art gallery for the artists from all over the world. Russian free Internet picture gallery for sale of paintings.

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