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Salamanova Nataliia

Born and live in Kharkov. Techniques: demixing, coolage.

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Alina Oseyeva

A prominent Kharkiv-based artist. A member of the Simvol Free Artists' Creative Association of the City of Kharkiv. Silk painting (watercolors, tempera, acryl).

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Vyacheslav Bogatyryov

A member of the Kharkiv regional associations of the creative freelancers "Veselka"

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Olga Igolkina

The known artist, works in oily painting technique, regularly participates in exhibitions. She names the creation as a romantic advance-guard. In addition, she works in the field of book design. Olga's pictures there are in the private collections of Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Germany, Holland.

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Volodimir Kuchmuk

14.05.1958 Engineer. Mariupol. Amator.

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Lysenko Viktor Viktorovich

Was born 20.12.1981. in city Kharkov

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Natalia Mikolyuk

Embroidery took 10 years ago as proof that the cross - is not only primitive.

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B.Raden (Borys Radenko)

Acknowledged master of realistic still life. President of the Simvol" Creative Union of Independent Artists NGO of the Kharkiv City.

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I. Sorokopud


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Tais Miro

Born in the sunny city of Tashkent, I live in Ukraine in Kharkov. I graduated from Kharkov State Pedagogical University of G.S. Skovorody, teaching art for children

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The internet art gallery "X-350" is called to give possibility to both Kharkov, and the other world to become acquainted with to works of Kharkov artists. Opening of gallery is timed to the 350th anniversary of Kharkov.

To know the terms of placing of pictures in gallery and you can decide other questions associating with the manager of site.

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